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Air conditioning systems have been highlighted as an obvious way viruses can spread, so it is an essential and increasingly relevant area. Many in-duct units have been supplied to clear mould and fungi build up within ducting systems which caused health or odour complaints. They also allow customers to extend the periods between deep cleans of air handling units by maintaining a cleaner and healthier system.
In food production areas, keeping ducting systems clear of Listeria as well as other common contaminants is an essential requirement.

Benefits of using AIRsteril
  • > Control bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces
  • > Improve infection control and hygiene standards
  • > Reduce absenteeism and labour costs
  • > Improve the environment and protect residents, staff, patents and visitors alike
  • > Clear embarrassing odours, eliminate masking agents
  • > Extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings to normal wear life
  • > Improve the care home image and increase occupancy rates
Technical Details

Dimensions //

280mm (l) x 156mm (w) x 65mm (d) – In-Duct

Power supply //

120 - 277V, 50/60Hz AST2000 - 36 watts – In-Duct

Set up //

Fixed through the wall/roof of ducting or air handling unit system using support frame and template

Construction //

Rugged construction, anodised aluminium

Weight //

1.5kg – In-Duct

Operation //

Continuous operation

Product Overview

Full Technical Specification

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AIRsteril Is An Ideal Solution


- Embarrassing odours, perceived poor hygiene and lack of care
- Poor air quality, poor ventilation and recycled air
- Infections, norovirus, the common cold and influenza
- Increased staff absenteeism, increased costs of agency personnel


- Hospitals
- Care Homes
- Consulting Rooms
- Workplaces

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